Appropriate PCOS/PCOD Treatment You Should Know Before Consulting an Gynaecologist in Varanasi

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The reproductive and dermatological symptoms of PCOS are only the apparent portion of a more intricate physiological system. During a woman’s reproductive years, PCOS frequently causes problems with finding a partner, starting a sexual life, and planning a family. When variables that negatively impact physical appearance, femininity, or fertility are present, imbalances in the psychosexual environment frequently follow.

It is not unexpected that PCOS may have a more significant psychological impact than many other chronic conditions. The most frequent symptoms that require attention are lethargy, sleep difficulties, exhaustion, and appetite abnormalities. Finding serenity and contentment requires individualized attention and therapy. That is where a trustworthy gynaecologist in Varanasi can help.

Appropriate PCOS/PCOD therapy from the top gynaecologist

In order to help the patient regulate their symptoms, a gynaecologist in Varanasi will assist in introducing new lifestyle adjustments. For all stages of PCOS, this would be the first line of treatment. As it reduces insulin resistance, which in turn stimulates ovulation and boosts conception rates, it is the cornerstone of PCOS care. Natural PCOS treatment comprises making healthy lifestyle changes that are advised to prevent weight gain, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as to stay away from metabolic symptoms.

During her reproductive years, a woman with PCOS needs to have regular cycles. Otherwise, endometrial cancer may develop as the uterine lining thickens or overgrows. The endometrial lining thins out with regular menstrual cycles. The best PCOS treatment for irregular periods may involve some oral drugs and a change in lifestyle.

Women with PCOS who are eager to have parents may require assistance in order to ovulate and achieve conception. In order to achieve pregnancy in PCOS, the ideal treatment would typically simply comprise oral drugs; nevertheless, in a few late pregnancy attempts, hormone injectables or a combined therapy combining assisted reproductive methods (ARTs) may be necessary.

Pills, androgen blockers, and other drugs are available to treat the symptoms of excess androgen in PCOS. It is advised to plan for pregnancy while using the utmost caution with regard to risk. For some women, topical treatments may be helpful in reducing hair growth. For more severe For those with symptoms, permanent hair removal is advised. It is advised to undergo testing for impaired glucose tolerance and dyslipidemia in the particular person. Metabolic screening and treatments in PCOS give an awareness of the metabolic implications.


Risks to a woman’s health are present at every stage of PCOS. Expert gynaecologists in Varanasi that specialize in PCOS and PCOD think that the patient should always come first rather than the diagnosis. Depending on the specific stage of the woman’s reproductive life, a distinct course of treatment is used. In order to effectively manage PCOS, it should focus on both symptom relief and long-term complication avoidance. The patient’s desire to become pregnant, the requirement for an aesthetic approach, and the presence of concurrent metabolic changes all influence the treatment plan. Learn more about it. Consult the Popular Hospital’s professionals.

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