Dry Eyes Troubling You? – Get Ophthalmology Treatment in Varanasi

Ophthalmology Treatment in Varanasi

When a person has dry eyes, either not enough tears are produced or the tears are not of good quality. A number of glands located in and around the eyelids create tears. Usually, tear production decreases with ageing, as a result of certain medical disorders, or as a side effect of particular medications.

Additionally, due to increased tear evaporation, environmental factors including wind and dry weather might reduce tear volume. Dry eye symptoms can appear when the eyes’ natural tear production is reduced or when tears evaporate too quickly.

How is dry eye syndrome determined?

A trustworthy ophthalmology treatment in Varanasi can accurately identify dry eyes after a thorough eye examination. There are several tests that can be performed, with a focus on evaluating the number and quality of tears generated by the eyes, such as:

Assessments of your health 

 Ascertain your symptoms and locate any underlying medical conditions, drugs, or environmental triggers that might be causing your dry eye issue.

Examining the outside of the eye

Paying attention to the dynamics of the blink. Using glare and magnification, evaluate the cornea and eyelids.

Measuring the quantity and quality of tears?

Special dyes may be injected into the eyes to enhance the ability to see tear flow and to highlight any alterations to the outer surface of the eye brought on by inadequate tears.

How is dry eye disease treated?

There are a number of ophthalmology treatments in Varanasi that can keep your eyes pleasant and healthy while preventing vision loss if you have dry eyes, which can be a chronic issue.

Increasing tears

 Over-the-counter artificial tear products can frequently be used to control minor cases of dry eyes in addition to natural tear production. Options without preservatives are advised because they have fewer ingredients that can aggravate eye irritation. 

Eyelid or ocular surface inflammation

Inflammation of the eyelids or the ocular surface can be treated using prescription eye drops or ointments, warm compresses, lid massages, or eyelid cleaners.

Conserving tears

Keeping tears in the eyes for longer periods of time might lessen the effects of dry eyes. This can be achieved by inserting microscopic silicone or gel-like plugs into the tear ducts, which are where tears normally exit the eye. Alternately, the tear ducts might be permanently closed through surgery. In either scenario, the objective is to prolong the time that the eye has access to tears.


For ophthalmology treatment in Varanasi, schedule an appointment with Popular Hospital if your eyes are bothering you and you suspect that you may have dry eye disease. They will inspect you, run any necessary tests, respond to any of your inquiries, and decide the best way to treat your dry eyes. Call us right away.

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