How Mental Stress Impacts Your Vision

How Mental Stress Impacts Your Vision

Very few people are aware that stress can affect our vision. Mental stress not only takes a toll on your mind, but its adverse effects can also cause dryness in your eyes and may lead to blurry vision as well. Stress hormones are deterrents to health and their impact percolate to physical health, which also includes our eye health. Stress can lead to inflammation of the eyes and the problem can snowball into affecting the blood flow to your eyes which can cause a host of eye problems.

As per recent research, it has been found that stress and poor mental health are directly linked to poor vision and even vision loss. More Indians are suffering from anxiety and depression than ever. Hence, the havoc which might be wreaked by the cumulative impact of mental stress like depression and anxiety on our eye’s vision. 

The Link Between Stress and Vision Problems

As per an eye specialist in Varanasi, the exact link between stress and vision problems is still under study. However, it has been acknowledged that there are several mechanisms by which stress may contribute to these issues. A theory that has been weighed in is that stress can cause changes in the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the body’s functions, including those of the eyes. Stress can also be the reason for certain changes in the body’s circulatory system, affecting blood flow to the eyes and other parts of the body. As a result, vision problems may surface and even the exist

ing eye conditions can get aggravated. Those include dry eyes, eye strain, and blurred vision. 

Stressful situations and being under stress release hormones that can cause inflammation and affect blood flow to your eyes. This in turn can lead to dryness in the eyes. Dryness in the eyes reduces the formation of tears. This dryness can cause discomfort, itching, and a burning sensation. It has been marked by the best eye specialist doctor in India that eye discomfort and fatigue are common among people who spend long hours in front of their computers and mobile screens.

As mentioned earlier, stress is the primary reason for blurred vision which affects the eye’s ability to focus on objects and may also reduce the ability to read or drive. A stressed body releases adrenaline, which can cause your pupils to dilate and your eye muscles to tense up. If the severity is high, stress can even cause double vision which can pose difficulty in doing daily tasks.

How you can reduce stress and also maintain your eye health

  • Practicing relaxing techniques can be greatly beneficial. The eye specialists in Varanasi encourage people to engage in relaxation techniques like Yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. This induces calm in your mind and busts the stress.
  • Physical activities and mild exercise can help in the reduction of stress levels and they also improve blood circulation to your eyes.
  • In this era of smartphones and extensive use of gadgets, we are better off taking frequent breaks and reducing our screen time to avoid eye-straining.
  • Wearing protective gear can save your eyes from dust, UV rays, and pollution big time.
  • Diet plays a crucial role in eye health. Make sure to include foods that have high Vitamin A, C, and E content. Also, omega-3 fatty acids are very good for maintaining good eye health.

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