Department of Canteen

The Hospital has a well-equipped Catering Facility for Patients, their Relatives, Doctors, and Staff and even for any walk in person. The primary aspect of canteen is to provide quality and hygienically safe food to all who come in. The ordering system in the canteen is simple. One has to place an order with the cashier and pay for the same. The waiter will serve the order to you, on your table. The Admitted Hospital Patients have a choice of taking daily meal requirements from Hospital’s Catering Services through Dietetics and Nutrition Dept. The dietician takes the round and suggests a suitable type of diet depending upon the type of illness and the calorific and nutritive requirements of the patient. This information is then passed on to the Food Service Department and a complete day’s diet is provided to the patient in the room itself, from the next immediate service to the patients. Patient’s relatives can also opt for a daily meal package in the room at an extra charge, which is added to the patients bill itself. Food served to patients is tasted by dietician and upon her approval is served to the patients. Patient’s meals are strictly served under the supervision. The food to the patients is supplied in an imported food grade closed trays or plates. These plates are arranged in a specially designed insulated closed trolley which keeps food warm. This trolley is then transported to rooms and the meal is served to the patients.

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