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Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty which involves reconstruction, restoration, or alteration of the human body. Plastic Surgery is the art of treating which aims to improve the appearance of the human body or improve the functioning of a part of the body

Several deformities or deep wounds that may be acquired as a result of injuries, critical illnesses or genetic defects are treated with plastic surgery at Popular Hospital, Varanasi which is the best plastic surgery hospital in the region. It has the best facility and ultra-modern equipment to undertake plastic surgery with region's best plastic surgeons team. With the thorough expertise in surgical procedures, Popular Hospital aims to ideally reconstruct the human body as it was before, the way it should have been.

Plastic Surgery Services Repair of Birth Deformities Face: Cleft lip, Cleft Palate Abnormal formation of hands: more or less finger, joined fingers, abnormally shaped hands Malformations of the blood vessels improperly formed genitalia

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