Dr. A K Kaushik's Son Shines

Dr. A K Kaushik's Son Shines: Mohit Secures 12th Rank Nationwide and 1st Rank in UP in AIIMS INICET 2023 Exam


In a remarkable achievement that further solidifies the legacy of doctorship in the renowned surgeon Dr. A K Kaushik's family, his elder son, Mr. Mohit Kaushik, has secured the 12th rank nationwide and clinched the 1st rank in Uttar Pradesh in the highly competitive AIIMS INICET 2023 examination. Simultaneously, his youngest son, Mr. Akshat Kaushik, has also accomplished a significant feat by securing the 1st rank in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the NEET UG examination.

Continuing the rich tradition of excellence and compassion in the field of medicine, Mohit's remarkable achievement in AIIMS INICET 2023 exemplifies his dedication, hard work, and exceptional aptitude in the medical field. His stellar performance has not only brought great pride to his family but also to the Popular Group of Hospitals, of which Dr. A K Kaushik is the esteemed chairman.

AIIMS INICET, considered one of the most prestigious medical entrance examinations in India, attracts thousands of talented aspirants from across the nation. Mohit's remarkable feat of securing the 12th rank at the national level reflects his exceptional knowledge, skills, and dedication.

Equally commendable is the achievement of Akshat, who had topped the state of Uttar Pradesh in the NEET UG examination in 2019 and secured 3rd Rank Nationwide. This milestone reinforces the family's commitment to the noble profession of medicine and underscores their relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Kaushik family's success in these challenging examinations not only demonstrates their academic prowess but also signifies their inherent kindness and the true spirit of doctorship flowing through their veins. Their achievements inspire countless aspiring medical professionals, serving as a testament to the importance of perseverance, compassion, and a genuine commitment to healthcare.

Dr. A K Kaushik, a revered figure in the medical community, expressed his immense joy and pride in his sons' accomplishments. He emphasized that their achievements are a reflection of their own efforts and the unwavering support and guidance they received from their parents. Dr. Kaushik also highlighted the significance of nurturing and promoting a culture of empathy and excellence in healthcare.

With their remarkable achievements, Mohit and Akshat Kaushik have once again highlighted their family's deep-rooted dedication to medicine and its impact on society. The entire medical community celebrates their success and eagerly awaits the contributions they will make to the field of medicine in the future.


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